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Tours Bitlıs,Van,Kars,Agri,Dogubeyazit Erzurum

Tomb of Ahmedi Khani - Ahmedi Khani (Ehmedê Xanî, 1651-1707) was a Kurdish writer, poet and philosopher, fluent in Kurdish, Arabic, and Persian. He was born amongst the Khani's tribe in Hakkari province in present-day Turkey. He moved to Dogubayezit where he taught Kurdish and wrote his Arabic-Kurdish vocabulary "Nû-Buhar" in 1663. His most important work is the

Kurdish classic love story Mem û Zîn written in poem form in 1692. His literary works portray 17th century Kurdish life. Today, he is still revered by the Kurdish people who journey to his tomb on weekends and share their food with the poor.

Until recently, it was illegal to speak or sing in the Kurdish language. In 1991 the Turkish government legalized the speaking of the Kurdish language. Read more.

Kurdish village - We stop for noontime tea, cheese and bread in a traditional Kurdish home, then walk through the village with time to photograph and talk with local Kurdish people. Unlike many group tours, we encourage you to interact with the hospitable local residents. Your tour guide will translate.

Noah's Ark National Park is located 10 km. from Mount Ararat which the Bible refers to as the resting site of Noah's Ark. We have led exploratory expeditions of scholars and archeologists from around the world to search for Noah's Ark. Carbon testing has dated wood remnants to the period of the Great Flood, according to the Bible.

Meteor Crater, located 18 km from Mount Ararat, is the second largest meteor crater in the world, after the largest one located in Alaska. Meteor Crater is 60 meters deep and 30 meters across.

Next we will visit an awesomely beautiful ice cave, on Mount Ararat, 150 meters long, with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites where you will feel a blast of refreshing cold air.

Mount Ararat hot springs photo

Lunch at hot springs Your tour finishes with a leisurely late lunch of mouth-watering Turkish vegetarian food at the famous hot springs where you may emerse yourself in water with temperatures ranging from 95-122 farenheit (35-50 celcius).

In The Mornıng We drive to Bitıs Make Bıtlıs Cultural tour In the Mornıng We Drıve To Van For Van Cultural Tour Van Lake Van place And Centro of Cıty In mornıng transfer to aırport fly to Istanbul end Our Tour servıce

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