About our company

  • Who we are?

    We are a small company that organizes trips to Turkey sky and trek Our office is located in Dogubeyazit the nearest Town to Mount Ararat although you also contact us in Spain because one of our guides lives currently thereWe speak English and Spanish and as we are from Dogubeyazit our tongues are Turkish and Kurdish this mean that we could solve any unforeseen event that may arise along our tours We also arrange personalized tours in case the ones we offer do not fit you justExplain us your ideas and we would try to make them possible for further information contact us by email or telephone

  • Our Objetive

    Our intention when creating this website is to give a better service to those tourists travelling to Turkey and its mountains. If you tell us what do you want to visit we will do our best to organise it, just explain us your ideas. If you do not know what to see, let us do it for you, just give us your dates, how many people and we will organise you a personalized tour.For further information, please contact us.